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CFDA additional three divisions regulatory food safety penalties "beheaded"
Date:2013-05-23    Clicks:2413

15, the State Food and Drug Supervision Administration (hereinafter referred to as the State Food and Drug Administration) institutional reform, "three" program announced three additional divisions regulatory food safety. 16, the State Food and Drug Administration of the responsible officer at a news conference on the first collective appearance, parsing of a new pattern of food safety supervision.

Form a relatively centralized, primary and secondary distinct food safety regulatory approach

Newly established three divisions namely food safety regulation a Division II Division food safety supervision, three food safety supervision department, respectively, to grasp the food security situation analysis of production processes, circulation consumer aspects of food security situation, predict overall food security situation, urging lower administrative organ in strict accordance with the implementation of administrative licensing, supervision and management responsibilities to fulfill.

State Food and Drug Administration of the General Department of the person in charge Sunmei Jun pointed out that "Sanding" program From the big bulls regulatory system that is not to solve the problem of the formation of a relatively centralized, primary and secondary distinct pattern, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of the same things and more departments pipe or do not care phenomenon. Of course, the system can not solve all the problems and achieve long-term stability of food safety, but also the government, enterprises and society to work together.

"Food safety involves a wide range, it is impossible to conquer the world one department, other departments also need to cooperate with each other duties." She said, "three" program relative to the last sub-regulation, separately regulatory system defects caused has been very big improvement. Many former social criticism, such as between departments is unclear, the responsibility is unknown, buck-passing problem, this regulation and law enforcement sectors reduced from five to two, to solve the institutional biggest drawbacks. But there is still a number of departments are responsible for the work related to food safety.

Reporters learned that, "three" program in the risk assessment of food safety standards are still responsible for the accounts department by the Guardian; imported food, packaging materials still AQSIQ is responsible; For consumer fraud act, still by the SAIC to investigate; blow Food safety and criminal activities by the public security departments to bear.

"Integrated into a sector is the system's progress, but it is impossible to solve scattered, small, multi-situation." An industry source pointed out that China's food industry, along with the rapid economic development, reform and opening up 30 years to go on to other countries hundred walked the streets, others were encountered in quite a long time, and gradually solve the many problems in China gathered a short time and revealed.

He believes that to solve food safety problems can not be achieved at once, you need a longer process. As the field of food production and operation of small businesses in promoting social employment, convenient for people to play an important role in life, authorities should be on the "guerrilla" group to strengthen regulatory norms, through the formation of cooperatives and other forms, to guide small businesses together to build food safety system .

The form of five unlicensed areas of high incidence of food safety issues

"Street food stalls, front shop, does not meet the standard small hotel, rural family dinners, health food and other five unlicensed form of food safety issues is areas of high incidence." A local Food and Drug Administration official told reporters, Currently no uniform regulatory approach the central and local governments have introduced policies to delay, so that regulators know what to do.

According to incomplete statistics, China's current total food production enterprises more than 40 million, the food business entities 3,230,000. Insiders pointed out that the majority of these enterprises are small-scale process technology is simple, relatively decentralized management of production related to food safety, prevention aspects of inadequate attention. Coupled with a serious shortage of primary law enforcement personnel, technical means is relatively backward, so that these small enterprises have become the weak link in ensuring food safety.

"Some small micro-food enterprises, one simple pursuit of profits, cut corners on raw materials, ingredients shoddy; Second, backward production technology, extensive management, production processes do not meet the requirements of even the disorderly production; three are not employed varies Qi is not strong sense of integrity, lack of self-regulation. anything to make money making anything, how convenient how to do, regardless of the health of consumers, which is prone to quality and safety issues. "Hunan, a food company chairman said.

"Good" guerrilla warfare ", spring revival, which is the food the best portrayal of small businesses." Talking about the food industry, small business regulation, a SFDA deep. She believes that the low barriers to entry, low-tech, low cost illegal "three lows" feature, some manufacturers shoddy food for small businesses even if they are sealed, they can quickly in another place, "camp" and resume production after more is concealed.

Insiders pointed out that most of the current food safety issues from a number of small business production processes, on the one hand, district quality supervision system power is limited, generally seventy-eight food regulators to face thousands of small businesses: the other hand, food production areas too large, too many varieties, some of the foods are not independent safety standards, allowing grass to small enterprises inadequate supervision.

Penalties "bankrupt, beheaded"

"One reason why criminals luck, dare to defy the law, to take risks, a very important reason is that in the past we punish lighter. Another reason is that the probability of discovery is low." State Food and Drug Administration of Planning and Finance Division Wang Rock Around the human food safety feature concealed crime, anti-detection ability, mostly hiding in the urban fringe, abandoned factory warehouse, or even deep forests, residential areas engaged in illegal activities.

Currently in the field of food safety problem is very prominent criminal. In recent years occurred in melamine, cooking oil, clenbuterol and other hazards, affecting poor food safety incidents are caused by the intentional crime of criminals.

He believes that the current food safety in our country is rampant criminal activities of a prominent impact on food safety issues and the main crux, and recently announced the "two high" judicial interpretation in order to combat crime, food safety provides a weapon.

"My understanding of this judicial interpretation is that those mercenary, who will not hesitate to commit murder consequent ruin, beheaded, of course, is not our purpose beheaded, our fundamental purpose is to protect the vital interests of the masses , food security, but also to avoid the let more people onto the path of crime, which may be said to be based on a thunderbolt were kind-heartedness. "Wang Yan said.

He noted that destroyed hiding in various places "black dens", "black workshop", "black factory" regulators alone is not enough, need to further improve the food safety prizes reporting system, unified national prizes hotlines 12331, increased reward amount. So as to mobilize the masses, especially the illegal enterprise initiative to provide illegal clues internal staff enthusiasm, so food safety criminals nowhere to hide.

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